Lake Apalachia Guided Fishing Trips

Lake Apalachia, also known as Apalachia Reservoir, is a small, deep, cold-water reservoir with amazing fishing. Set in the beautiful southern Appalachian Mountains just west of Asheville, and Cashiers, North Carolina. The lake is 9.8 miles long and has over 31 miles of shorline backed by beautiful hardwoods and thick rhododendrons. A remote fishery which offers huge catches.

Lake Apalachia Fishing Patterns and Species

A lake known for its large quantities of smallmouth and largemouth bass. The lake has little pressure from fisherman, which makes it such a fantastic fishery. Lake Apalachia is a run-of-river reservoir, which means water is passed through the lake for a short amount of time before moving to Hiwassee River. Run-of-river reservoirs provide great current which increases the metabolism for bass, trout and other species. This provides anglers with an all-day fish catching experience!

Smallmouth Bass Guide Trips

Smallmouth can be found feeding in big coves and smaller pockets on baitfish in the warmer months, typically June through November. When the air begins to cool down the big bronze back continue to feed on baitfish, while beginning their search for crawfish and other crustaceans. Smallmouth at Lake Apalachia can be caught on some of the oldest baits in the book! Which include local favorite float n’ flies, hair jigs, football jigs, swimbaits and topwater lures.

Largemouth Bass Guide Trips

The largemouth in Lake Apalachia can typically be found in smaller pockets and in the back of feeder creeks where the oxygen is plentiful. During the month of March through late April the largemouth bass fishing is incredible. With high numbers and weights averaging 5 to 8 pounds per fish is not uncommon. The bigger fish will hunker down on main channel points as well as secondary points for the summer months feeding on trout and gizzard, American and threadfin shad. These fish are harder to catch, but when using the right equipment and a advice from your SAA fishing guide anything is possible!