Lake Glenville – Cashiers, North Carolina Bass Fishing

Lake Glenville, is a reservoir located 8.2 miles from beautiful Cashiers, North Carolina. Officially known as Thorpe Reservoir, named after J.E.S Thorp, Nantahala Power’s first president.

Lake Glenville Fishing Patterns

Lake Glenville offers beautiful mountian views and amazing smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass fishing. The high elevation allows Lake Glenville’s water temperature to stay colder than other lakes. This colder temperature transfers into higher oxygen levels for trout and bass alike. The clear mountain reservoir has steep rocky banks as well as some sandy bottom areas, which provide smallmouth a great place to spawn.
When the dogwoods begin to bloom the spring fishing picks up; our professional fishing guides will tell you nothing is better than a jerkbait for trophy smallmouth at this time of year. Smallmouth, spotted and largemouth will begin to navigate their underwater “highways” and start ambushing baitfish. This continues until early to mid June.
During the summer months you can find largemouth and smallmouth bass feeding on baitfish in the back of smaller pockets where cold water from waterfalls and mountain streams meet. Summer bass can also be caught on points fishing soft plastics and knocking crankbaits off stumps and rocks on points.
There are a number of waterfalls found on Lake Glenville. This offers beautiful scenic fishing adventures as well as a healthy habitat for our favorite gamefish.
The largemouth and smallmouth bass can be found cruising the backs of these creeks ambushing baitfish and searching for forage including crawfish and river bugs.
When the leaves begin to turn and the mountain air cools off, the smallmouth bass fishing begins to turn up. Smallmouth bass can be caught on a number of baits including hand tied float n’ flies, hair jigs, jerbaits and slow moving finesse rigs. This is the time of year when quality surpasses quantity. Throwing silver and copper colored spoons is another great fall and winter fishing technique.