SAA Guide Service operates year round with a group of professional, full-time fishing guides. When scheduling a fishing trip with us, we ask that you please try to avoid rescheduling or canceling your fishing trip as this creates booking and scheduling conflicts with the guide service. Below is our booking and cancellation policy. This policy reflects the rights of Southern Appalachian Anglers LLC and applies to all of our fishing trips. We understand that unforeseen situations may arise beyond control which sometimes affect travel plans. We believe in a fair approach to cancellations. Our cancellation policy is such that it both protects the livelihoods of our guides in the event that a scheduled guide trip was cancelled, and in some situations it allows deposits from cancelled trips toward future trip bookings.
Only your fishing guide may cancel your guided trip within 24 hours of your scheduled trip date due to weather or mechanical breakdown without forfeiture of trip deposit.


  • A deposit of the full amount of the trip is required to book a guided trip (we accept all major credit cards).
  • Guide trips cancelled 15 days prior to the scheduled date, a refund will be issued in full.
  • Guide trips cancelled 14 days to 48 hours of the trip date result in 50% of the trip's cost.
  • Guide trips cancelled less than 48 hours or in the event of a NO SHOW for scheduled trip dates result in forfeiture of deposit plus the remaining trip balance to offset expenses occurred and loss of opportunity for guides impacted.
  • Rain is NOT CONSIDERED dangerous weather.
Please call (828) 691-1506 to reschedule your booked trip to let our other clients fish!


Trips changed from full-day to half-day within 48 hours of the trip date, requires a full-day payment.


If the weather on the date of the trip is dangerous, which includes thunder, lightening, dangerous water levels or other life threatening circumstances, you will have the option to book your trip at a later date or your deposit will be refunded in full. If your deposit is non refundable (gift certificates) we provide the option to transfer your deposit toward a future date of your choice.


  • Gift certificates expire one year after the purchase date.
  • Southern Appalachian Anglers LLC holds the right to deny any recipient services for any expired gift certificate purchased from Southern Appalachian Anglers.
  • Gift certificates are non-refundable.
  • Gift certificates can not be returned or refunded.
  • If a scheduled trip exceeds the amount of the recipient's gift certificate the difference must be paid by credit card or other accepted payment.