Pre Guide Trip Planner and Cancellation Policy

There are many variables and factors to consider before planning your guided fly fishing trip. Below are a list of things to consider as well as any personal deliverables you may have. Be sure to let your guide or staff member know of any medical conditions prior to your guided fly fishing trip.


It is recommended to pack a light rain jacket in the spring and summer months – Western North Carolina is similar to the rain forest in some areas; downpours are all too common in the Asheville area. If it is warmer out you will have the option to free-wade or to use waders. Prior to every trip, we recommend our clients bring an extra pair of clothes including socks.


Due to the nature of Western North Carolina’s mountain ranges, thunderstorms and downpours can happen at any time. This mainly happens in the spring and summer months, so to be prepared a rain jacket is always recommended. We do fish in the rain/sleet/snow, but dangerous weather conditions (such as thunder, lightening, flooding) do result in rebooking or refunds. If the weather takes a toll during your guide trip it is always smart to pack an extra set of clothing.

Photos / Camera:

Your guide will be more than happy to take pictures for you on your trip. If you have a digital fishing license on your phone, please bring your phone on your guided trip.

Elevation Considerations:

Most guided trips will be in high elevations which can offer colder air temperatures than currently being experienced in Asheville. We recommend arriving to your guide trip dressed for your trip.

Medical Conditions:

Prior to your trip, please notify your guide of any medical/personal conditions that you may have – prior to departure. It is necessary that our guides know how to cater your trip to prevent further injury due to prior health restrictions. Keep in mind many of the rivers and waters that we fish have limited to no cellular service.


Southern Appalachian Anglers supplies all the equipment that you will need for your guided trip. If you have your own equipment that you would like to use, please feel free to bring it along on your trip. All of our guide trips are supplied with top of the line rods, reels, waders, boots, leader, tippet, flies, and any other supplies that may be needed for the day.


Southern Appalachian Anglers offers a $40 fee-only pick up and drop off service for a number of different Bed and Breakfasts in Asheville along with the Omni Grove Park Inn, the Biltmore Estate and other Hotels around the area. Let our staff know where you are staying when booking your trip. We offer full service transportation from downtown Asheville, North Asheville, Weaverille, Mars Hill and other townships in the general area. Float trips and larger group trips may not include full-transportation due to shuttle and max capacity seating. Contact us to see if your lodging is in the full-service fee zone.

Fishing License:

Before your guided fly fishing trip in Asheville, NC be sure to pick up a fishing license online from North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission. All of our guided fishing trips include a lot of supplies, and we wish that we could provide a fishing license. Although this is the one item that we cannot provide to our clients. Please purchase your fishing license before your guide trip.

Items to Bring on Your Trip:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Extra socks
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Personal medication
  • Camera
  • Rain jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Fishing license (North Carolina Wildlife)

Items Not To Bring:

  • Illegal drugs of any kind. Please do not put our guides at risk.
  • Hard liquor


Trips changed from full-day to half-day within 48 hours of the trip date, requires a full-day payment. No exceptions. Rain is NOT CONSIDERED dangerous weather.


If the weather on the date of the trip is dangerous, which includes thunder, lightening, dangerous water levels or other life threatening circumstances, you will have the option to book your trip at a later date or your deposit will be refunded in full. If your deposit is non refundable we provide the option to transfer your deposit toward a future date of your choice.