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fishing guide burnsville ncBurnsville, North Carolina offers high elevation peaks with cold, fresh ground water providing mountain streams with high oxygen levels and an abundant source of food for trout to feed on. With many rivers at hand it can be sometimes hard to choose, which river to fish! With all of Burnsville’s rivers being clean and healthy, rivers most popular to the Burnsville community are the South Toe, North Toe, Cane River and more mountain valley feeder creeks than you can count on two hands!

The South Toe is known for it’s cold water running off of Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the South East. Mount Mitchell has an elevation of 6,684 ft, which provides cold fresh water for our streams and creeks in Burnsville. With many creeks and streams passing through the mountains to make the South Toe, wild trout are plentiful and can be found throughout the backwaters Burnsville. On the South Toe, along with the other more popular rivers in Burnsville, you will find large stoneflies, and and abundance of mayflies hatching throughout the warmer seasons.

The North Toe is a wider river that offers big catches of smallmouth, rainbow trout and even musky! A hard river to wade, but when the water is up it is easy to float with a raft or a shallow water drift boat. The North Toe meanders throughout a number of townships, passing through Spruce Pine.

Fishing Guide Burnsville NC

Looking for a fishing trip in Burnsville, North Carolina? Southern Appalachian Anglers has you covered! With expert guides and natives of Burnsville’s mountains, we can bring you to fishing holes that have big browns and rainbows or smaller creeks that have wild rainbows and brook trout.

Southern Appalachian Anglers offer a number of different fishing guide trips starting with half-day fly fishing trips to full-day fly fishing trips.

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