Fly Fishing Asheville

Fly fishing is not just a rod and a fish. It’s communication, a conversation, a friendship, and it builds relationships. The rod, the reel, the fly, the river, the hike, the drive and the expedition are all the moving parts that make up the tools that build friendships and relationships.

Fly fishing connects us with one another and the experience of a fishing trip can be a lifetime memory. With the surroundings of nature, the rod, the line, the fly and the native trout, fly fishing in Asheville’s Southern Appalachian Mountains is a unique experience to remember.

Fly Fishing Asheville

Fly fishing Asheville and the surrounding areas offers anglers with unmatched views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, wildlife and crystal clear waterways. The mountains around Asheville are known for their abundance of wild trout including Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout. Many of these wild fish can be caught in small to medium sized creeks. With many wild trout being extinct from the region, it is an opportunity to catch one of these native fish.

Brook trout can be found in smaller feeder creeks and streams that typically pour into larger rivers including the French Broad, the Nolichucky and the Tukasegee.

Targetting Native Trout

Natives can be caught in a variety of ways including nymphing or dry flies. In early spring to early summer, some of the most effective ways to target native trout are by using dry flies. Native trout will come up to feed if they see an easy opportunity. During these early months, trout will get most of their nutrition by feeding on mayflies and stone flies. Hatches occur periodically all day long in our Mountains, so be on the look out for different colors and sizes.

Getting into the hotter summer months and into fall, caddis flies and nymphing is the predominant pattern. When the water tends to warm, brook and rainbow trout will stay in small pockets or deeper water to feed on bottom bugs. Nymphing in these smaller holes can pull out beautiful fish that can’t be found elsewhere.

Fly Fishing Asheville North Carolina

To learn more about fly fishing in Asheville and Western North Carolina, contact Southern Appalchian Anglers for guided fly fishing tours of our beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains.

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