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fly fishing in ashevilleFly Fishing Guides Asheville NC

Warm weather in December? In Asheville? In the Blue Ridge Mountains? And the fishing is just as hot! With this warm winter weather it feels more like spring and early summer in December than it does winter. This is a plus for our fishing guides because with the cold winter midges were producing large numbers when the water was cold in November… that’s not the case anymore. Our guides at Southern Appalachian Anglers in Asheville, NC have been seeing a lot of bug action on the rivers around our area. We are still throwing caddis flies, nymphs and many variations of parachute bugs.

Where Are The Trout In Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC has seen some of the warmest weather in December 2015, it has ever seen! This means the trout fishing is still as good ad it has been early spring and during the fall. With big trout still coming out to eat, our clients and guides have caught many of their trout in the upper water column on dry flies! We have still seen hatches of caddis flies in a dark tan and light brown color. Many our fly fishing guides in Asheville have been also been catching trout on medium to small sized caddis nymphs, using a dropper attached to the large dry fly.

Asheville Fly Fishing Adventures

Fishing in Asheville can be challenging when many of the creeks and rivers are hidden and tucked away in our Mountains. Southern Appalachian Anglers Premier fishing guides make it easy to book your trip and fish with the professionals. Our fishing guide service runs off of Trusted Guides and Exceptional Service. With a full-service pick-up and drop-off system all you have to do is relax! While visiting Asheville around the holidays this winter, give Southern Appalachian Anglers a call to book a fishing trip while they last. Contact us online or call 828-691-1506.

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