Asheville Fly Fishing Trip – How To Prepare

How To Prepare For Your Asheville Fly Fishing Trip

After you book your Asheville fly fishing trip with Southern Appalachain Anglers of Asheville, NC there are a couple of things that are necessary to complete before you start catching trophy trout and smallmouth bass. Below is a checklist of things to complete prior to your trip and some things you may want to bring on your trip.

  1. Southern Appalachian Anglers asks that you please fill out a policy waiver prior to your guided fishing trip. This is the first checkpoint that will allow your guide to provide you with a safe fishing excursion on the day of your trip.
  2. Fishing licenses must be purchased before your trip date. To purchase a fishing license online go to our Fishing License Page and click on North Carolina or Tennessee (depending on what waterway you will be fishing on your trip).
  3. You’re done! It was seriously that easy!
  4. Take a look at our pre-trip planner below to follow up on anything you may need or want to bring along on your guided fishing trip.


It is always smart to pack a light rain jacket in the spring and summer months – Western North Carolina is similar to the rain forest in some areas; downpours are all too common. If the weather is warmer you will have the option to free-wade or to use waders. Prior to every guided float trip, we recommend our clients bring an extra pair of clothes including socks.


Southern Appalachian Anglers supplies all the equipment that you will need for your guided fly fishing trip. If you have your own equipment that you would like to use, feel free to bring it along on your trip. All of our guided trips are supplied with rods, reels, waders, boots, leader, tippet, flies, and any other supplies that may be needed for the day.

fishing tours in ashevilleWeather:

Western North Carolina is sometimes referred to as the southern rainforest – thunderstorms and downpours can happen at any time. This mainly happens in the spring and summer months.To be ahead of the weather man, a rain jacket is always recommended. We do our best to coordinate our clients trips for the best weather conditions, although if the weather takes a toll during your guide trip it is always smart to pack an extra set of clothing.

Photos / Camera:

Bring your camera! Your guide will always have a camera on him to snap fishy pictures, but if you have a waterproof camera, feel free to bring it along. Your guide will give you advice on where to put your phone/camera and/or if you should bring it along on your trip.

Medical Conditions:

Prior to your trip, notify your guide of any medical/personal conditions that you may have – prior to departure. Many of the rivers and waters that we fish have limited cellular service. Our guides will pick a location where cellular service will be readily available, while the fishing is still amazing.


Southern Appalachian Anglers offers full-service guided trips, which include pick up and drop off for a number of different Bed and Breakfasts in Asheville along with theOmni Grove Park Inn, and Hotels around the area. Let our staff know where you are staying when booking your trip. If you are not staying at one of our partners hotels we are still able to make your accommodations.

Contact Us

Contact Southern Appalachian Anglers if you have any questions prior to your guided fishing trip. We are always available by phone at 828-691-1506, and in the rare circumstance that we cannot answer the phone contact us online by filling out our Contact Us Form.

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