Late Winter Trophy Smallmouth Bass Tactics

smallmouth riverHow To Catch Trophy Smallmouth Bass Winter

For most of us in Western North Carolina the fishing season comes to an end in November. Snow makes its way to the highest peaks, and shallow ponds begin to freeze over. Late winter is truly the best time to catch giant bass. Smallmouth begin to feed on shad, crawfish, trout and sculpin. The smallies begin to put on a feedbag before the water temperature starts to climb above 48F.

When fishing freestone rivers for smallmouth you will want to key in on deep rocky holes and pockets that hold just enough current for big fish to roam around and feed in. The bigger fish will hold in the tail end of deep holes  There are trophy smallmouth bass in every mountain river system. The key is finding out the patterns to catching them.

Late Winter Smallmouth Guide Trips

Our guide service, located in Asheville, NC, is a year-round operation. Providing clients with the most productive fishing trips is our goal. During your late season trophy guide trip you will learn different techniques to catching trophy smallmouth bass and even a chance to catch giant musky.

Techniques we use this time of year are primarily spinning tackle with light leaders. We downsize leader diameter just enough to not spook big fish. Typically we are using 8lb – 10lb fluorocarbon line to keep bigger fish from fraying line on rock ledges.

Come see what late Fall and Winter bass fishing is like in the mountains with Southern Appalachian Anglers this year! Contact us online or call (828) 691-1506.

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