Where is Muskie Mile on the French Broad River

Musky mile is a stretch of river that many anglers either choose to float or avoid. Of course anglers may have different reasons to do so. However, musky mile can provide some of the biggest musky in the French Broad River, right here in Asheville. Some anglers avoid musky mile because it can get busy at times (only 1-2 boats), and other anglers just don’t care. Simply because some of the biggest fish that are in the French Broad are in the muskie mile. Take your pick…

Where is Musky Mile?

Fisherman have argued for decades where the true muskie mile is on the French Broad. Simply because there are no mile markers on the river, and secondly, there is no sign to show anglers where to go (thankfully). The musky mile is an easy stretch to access. The put-in is at Hap Simpson Park, floating down to Wilson Road Bridge, behind Lowes Home Improvements in Brevard, NC. It is an approximate 3 mile stretch. While the true musky mile is the last mile in the stretch, there is no other way to access “the muskie mile” other than floating this section. Lambo creek is the best “landmark” to recognize the beginning of musky mile.

A Little Bit About Muskie Mile

Whether you are gear fishing or fly fishing, you have a good shot at catching a musky in this stretch. Or at least seeing one. When the water is clear you can normally see muskie hiding under logs, weeds, or cruising the surface in search of an easy meal. In this coined stretch, you will find deep channels in multiple river bends, with plenty of underwater logs, stumps, weeds, and the occasional fallen tree. Be sure to pack a chainsaw, rope, or small motor to get out of sticky situations. It is no fun to row back up river…experience that once, and that’s all it takes to buy a new chainsaw.  Musky mile also has numerous stretches without bends, where the river remains straight and the river bottom consists of sand and rock. These straight-aways are good for throwing bucktails and bouncing them around the bottom for a big bite. 

Proper Handling of Musky

After you net your musky, be sure to keep him in the water until he settles down. The most important part to remember is to NOT gill grab. Grabbing a musky under the gills can kill the fish. Remember to reach into your net and grab him under his belly with your left hand and behind his dorsal fin/in front of his tail fin with your right hand. When holding your catch for the first time, practice holding the fish close to the boat, because musky are notorious for trying to slip out of your grip, and falling into the boat. This can injure the fish as well. Be sure to get the fish into the water right away, especially in the summer.

Guided Trips

Southern Appalachian Anglers has 20 plus years of experience for trophy musky fishing trips. For guided musky trips contact Southern Appalachian Anglers online or call 828-691-1506. 


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Musky fishing in North Carolina – French Broad River

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