Mountain Trout Fishing Asheville North Carolina

mountain trout fishing asheville north carolina

mountain trout fishing asheville north carolina

Mountain Trout Fishing In Asheville, NC: By admin at Southern Appalachian Anglers LLC – Asheville Fly Fishing Guide Service

The cold water from the mountain peaks along with snowmelt and high aquifers allow mountain trout to thrive in Asheville’s river systems. It is a fun activity for the whole family or just for a single outing by yourself. Learn more about the opportunities that exist in Asheville, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Times of Year To Trout Fish

Winter: During cold winters, mountain trout are still active as trout are dependent on bug life and minnows for their diet. During the day they will feed on dry flies if sun is present and their diet will switch to subsurface when the days are cloudy or rainy

Spring: Trout can be caught on may rivers in North Carolina as the NCWRC will stock 1,000s of trout in every river from the mountains to the Piedmont. Try dry flies, wet flies and streamers!

Summer: Trout will be tougher to catch and the wading opportunities are technical for larger fish. The trout fishing can still be VERY good during the summer, but most of the time targeting smaller, wild fish are the name of the game in the warmer months. 

Fall: Lights out! A fabulous time of year to wade and float for trout from October through the end of December. With many stockings taking place in the Delayed Harvest sections, trout will be plentiful in Asheville rivers. 

Mountain Trout Regulations in North Carolina

North Carolina mountain trout regulations can very with each river or stream. Below are some of the regulations that are commonly seen when mountain trout fishing Asheville North Carolina. 

Catch and Release:

(Red and Yellow Diamond): Any waterway that has this sign on it may only be fished with artificial flies having a single hook. No trout may be harvested or possessed while fishing these waters. 

(Purple and Yellow Diamond): Any waterway that has this sign on it may only be fished with artificial lures having a single hook. No trout may be harvested or possessed while fishing these waters. 

Delayed Harvest: The first Saturday in June is when only youth under the age of 16 may fish. October 1st through the first Saturday in June is single hook artificial only. No live bait. No scented bait.

Hatchery Supported: Hatchery supported trout waters are off limits during the month of March. No person can fish these green and white marked diamond waters during this time. These waters are your typical “open-season” trout waters. 

Wild: When mountain trout fishing in Asheville, North Carolina the wild trout waters are the most delicate. Wild trout are only able to be caught with artificial lures ONLY one hook may be used. We highly recommend to catch and release these fish as they are very delicate and important to the wild ecosystems that are present in our fragile waterways here in North Carolina. 

Trout Fishing Opportunities In NC Mountains

For any questions on trout fishing or conservation efforts regarding trout streams, give our friendly guide staff a call at (828) 691-1506 or visit us ONLINE.

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